Welcome to the Friends of Hika-Bay Creek Monitoring Site.

We need to understand the water parameters that affect us all! While water testing can be expensive and time consuming, we must collect benchmark data to develop and assess a management plan for Hika Bay. This data includes biological, physical, and chemical assessments of stream quality. An internship has evolved through a partnership between the Friends of Hika Bay, LNRP and the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc. Student interns from the university are responsible for data collection and analysis of the watersheds of Hika Bay and the Little Manitowoc River on a weekly basis through the summer. Fall and winter information is a summary of data taken by all students in the introductory biology classes. This testing helps diagnose potential problems and establish a base-line of water quality. Once sampling is completed, LNRP will host a public presentation of the project results and analysis from the interns, tentatively set for October 12, 2016. Come meet your stream analyzer and find out what is in your water!

For the spring and summer of 2016, sampling for nutrient content and pathogens is done every Monday morning and after rain events of a half inch or more from over 25 locations. The site map details these locations and results. The information is an important component to the Centerville Creek Restoration Project. Year to year comparisons will be made in an effort to detail water quality improvements due to the restoration. The wide area sampling information enables a comparison of how the different land practices in each watershed impact water quality.

2012 - 2016 Creek Monitoring

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