Friends of Hika-Bay Creek Monitoring

The Creek Monitoring Results link above provides sampling data access via a Google Satellite map for 2023, 2022 & 2021. The link opens showing yearly E.coli averages in the Centerville Creek Watershed at each sampling site. Results for Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Stream Flow and pH can also be displayed by using the Display Options menu. Sampling data for for Pine Creek, Calvin Creek and The Little Manitowoc River can be selected from the web page. Sampling for Fischer and Point Creeks is only available for 2021. A legend is shown for the selected analysis and provides a link to current water quality standards.

Changes for 2023 included more sampling sites at Pine and Calvin Creeks.

Understanding the water parameters that affect us all is important! While water testing can be expensive and time consuming, we must collect benchmark data to develop and assess a management plan for Hika Bay and The Little Manitowoc. This data includes biological, physical, and chemical assessments of stream quality. The internship program has evolved through a partnership between the Friends of Hika Bay, Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership (LNRP) and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Manitowoc Campus. Student interns from the university are responsible for data collection and analysis of the watersheds in Hika Bay and the Little Manitowoc River on a regular basis through the summer. This testing helps diagnose potential problems and establish a base-line of water quality.

There is a public presentation of the project results and analysis from the interns each fall in a public forum at the UW-GB Manitowoc Campus. Here is a link to more information about the project and a video of the 2023 presentation.

Sampling for nutrient content and pathogens was done every Monday morning and after rain events of a half inch or more from 29 locations in 2023. The Creek Monitoring Results Site maps detail these locations and the Seasonal Sampling map shows results from analyzing the samples. The information is an important component to the Centerville Creek Restoration Project. Year to year comparisons will be made in an effort to detail water quality improvements due to the restoration. The wide area sampling information enables a comparison of how different land practices in each watershed impact water quality.

2023 YTD
Creek Averages

2023 YTD
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